AlfAlfA (Nicolás Sánchez)
(born in Mérida, Venezuela, 1983) is a muralist that specializes in large size paintings and draftsman. He became interested in art at an early age, and later studied Plastic Arts at the University of Caracas. He also attended the National School of Fine Arts in Montevideo. However since 2008, he has focused on urban-street art, painting murals of different sizes. His work is based on researching fantasy as a shelter on mythology. For the last nine years, he’s carried out a range of solo and group shows in Montevideo, among other Uruguayan cities. He’s traveled abroad for residencies, festivals, and art interventions, visiting different countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, USA, Germany, England, Poland, Spain, Austria, India, Bosnia, and Croatia. Nowadays, he lives and works as an independent artist in Montevideo.