Terrorismo Emocional
Artists: Josefina Trias, Bruno Contenti, Leandro Aquistapacie
Producers: Marco Manfrini, Gastón Torello

Josefina Trias
Josefina Trias (Las Piedras, 1988) is an actress, singer and dramatist who graduated from the Acting Institute of Montevideo (IAM). As an actress in Montevideo she has worked with directors including: Raquel Diana, Elena Zuasti, Marianella Morena, Santiago Sanguinetti, Fernando Rubio, Alvaro Aunchain, Lucia Trentini, Bruno Contenti, Fabio Zidan, Maria Dodera, among others. She directs in Las Stones theater courses for children, adolescents and adults in the Centro Pareja.

Bruno Contenti
Bruno Contenti is a Uruguayan born and based director, actor and playwright, who graduated from the Multidisciplinary School of Dramatic Arts – ​Margarita Xirgu​ in Montevideo. He dedicates his life to the transdisciplinary art form, which combines improv theater, site-specific performance art, live music, the cinematic world and classical theater elements in order to create engaging and empathetic experiences in immersive theater fashion – the latter being ​Terrorismo Emocional (2018)​, ​Subterránea (2017)​, and ​Fragmentos de Amor Iluso (2015)​. His plays often explore power dynamics, cultural heritage, LGTBQI struggles in Uruguay, and the construction/deconstruction of gender values. Winner of Stimulus Funding for Artistic Creation and Development by Uruguay’s Ministry of Culture and Education (2012) and member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab (2017).

Leandro Aquistapacie
Trained in jazz piano and singing, focused later on songwriting. Simultaneously learned about music production and sound post-production, releasing three digital albums of his own. He’s also finishing an audiovisual communication career.

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