Lizzy Magariños
Magariños works across different flat supports: fibers, canvases, paper or cardboard. Her works are made using acrylic paint, Chinese ink, pastel chalk and textures including light fabrics, threads and papers. She uses the language of symbols in her work through words, ideograms and color. Russian master Wassily Kandisnky once said, “Any artistic creation is the daughter of its time and, most of the time, the mother of our own feelings.” Magariños’ work conforms to this expression as she reflects the time in which she lives and transforms it through her own feelings in Buddhist symbols, in ideograms of different origins that represent happiness, water, life, with rising arrows, stairs that always go up. Her works are in the Hotel Hyatt Centric Montevideo collection, the Marriot Aloft Montevideo collection of works and in that of the Luciano Benetton Foundation. She was a student of Febo Aycardo, Daniel Cardozo, Clever Lara, Rogelio Osorio and Rodrigo Flo.