Flor Sanchez Elia
Flor Sanchez Elia was born in Buenos Aires in 1994. In 2012, she began her theater studies at the Lee Strasberg Institute, New York. She was a student of Norman Briski in acting, dance and singing. She participated in the international festivals of dance, performance and live arts, Arqueologías del Futuro (2015-2016-2017) and NIDO (Uruguay 2017-2018), with local and international artists. Parallel to her studies of performing arts, she trained in visual arts. She did intensive courses at Parsons – NY and the Ecole de Beaux Art – Paris. As well as worked in Buenos Aires with Tomás Fracchia, Marina De Caro and Monica Millan. Coordination, curatorship and participation of “Strange Formations” ORGIE training program (Group organization of scenic investigations).

As a performance artist, she is in EL MUNDO IS STRONGER THAN ME, directed by Juan Coulasso, Roseti Space, Biennial of Young Art 2017, Bahia Theater International Festival 2018. She is part of the ORGIE group with Roberto Jacoby’s DAILY HORROR works and Syd Krochmalny, direction Silvio Lang, UNGS Universidad Nacional General Sarmiento. 2017-2018 and PASSES OF SEX AND REVOLUTION, directed by Silvio Lang at the El Cubo Theater. She participated in the cycle of Poetry + Theater, Small Miniatures in Timbre 4 with LA PLAZA DE LOS PONYS SALVAJES text by Noe Vera directed by Victoria Roland. In 2017, she performed at LA NOCHE QUIETA by Maria Florencia Rua. Garnet space. Baba House ALWE by Alberto Antonio Romero. Traxión House ANGULAR STONE PHASE I and ll, address Rodolfo Opazo. In 2016, she acted in PSICOSIS 4.48 of Sarah Kane, Teatro Calibán. In 2015,  she was as interpreter at Silvio Lang’s ESSAYO DE EROS, El Borde para sí Mismo series, Alejandro Tantanian curator and Javier Villa, MAMBA. UNDER DE SI by Diego Bianchi and Luis Garay, Arts Center of the UNSAM, Performance Biennial.

As a film actress, she participated in VERMELHO RUSSO, a feature film by Brazilian director Charly Braun, filmed in Russia, Moscow. She also illustrated the column by Francis Mallmann in La Revista LA NACION in 2016 and 2017.