Diego Janssen and La Connecta
with dancer Anahi Martincorena and Luis Gutierrez on drums 
Diego Janssen is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and record producer. His debut album ‘El hijo de’ was nominated for the Premios Graffiti, the Uruguayan equivalent of the Grammys. Critics have called ‘El Hijo De’ one of Uruguay’s best albums of the decade– breaking ground for a new evolution of candombe. He has been awarded a Uruguayan National Music Award twice in the jazz fusion category. As a composer he does not cling to any particular style, although there’s a clear tendency towards experimentation and fusing elements of Uruguayan roots music (candombe, tango, folk), as well as the influence of his time in the studio as a producer and his academic studies in music and technology. The rhythmic beats of Afro-South American roots meets progressive rock and jazz blues going through both psychedelic and mantric trips.