A 4 manos (Bernardo Ezcurra + Gabriela Ezcurra) 

Bernardo Ezcurra
Bernardo Ezcurra, Architect UBA, took courses in the following disciplines: drawing with Maria Luisa Manassero; Sculpture and Drawing with Aurelio Macchi; Watercolor with Eduardo Cervera; Oil painting with Hector Giuffre; Drawing with Felix Rodriguez. He attended a Master in Restoration of the Architectonic patrimony in Venice, in Marbleized Stucc , Marmorino and Faux Marbre techniques. Ezcurra took Clinics in analysis of artistic realizations, with Fabiana Barreda. He was in charge of the restoration of the Marble Stuccos in the Colon Theater, 4.200 m2, and in the Brazilian Embassy, el Palacio Pereda. Ezcurra works freelance  and develops murals, paintings and activities related to art and architecture.

instagram: bernardo_ezcurra


Gabriela Ezcurra
Gabriela Ezcurra was born in Buenos Aires and studied at the Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts, where she obtained a degree in painting and sculpture. She has lived between the United States, Italy and Buenos Aires, where she’s made exhibitions in museums, public spaces and art galleries. She has also exhibited in London, Belgium and Palm Beach, interspersing her season in Europe with trips to Central and South America, nature being a constant theme in her art.